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What tool is used to cut the heat shrinkable sleeve?


Today, let's talk to you about the cutting of the heat-shrinkable tube. First, what tool is used to cut the heat-shrinkable tube?

In fact, when we use the heat-shrinkable tube in daily life, it is usually cut with scissors according to the corresponding length required, such as when we use the cover on the wire joint, the fishing rod, the scissors. On, badminton rackets and so on. All of these we only need to cut the heat shrinkable tube ourselves.

Of course, we have also encountered some customers who want our manufacturers to provide tailoring services. In fact, for heat-shrink tube manufacturers, the heat-shrinkable tube cutting is already secondary processing, because everyone knows that the finished heat-shrinkable tube is a Rolls of a roll, and our manufacturers produce heat-shrinkable tubes generally do not leave cut stocks, after all, I do not know if you need to use the length of the heat-shrinkable tube.

Another aspect of the heat-shrinkable tube cutting is that not all heat-shrinkable tubes are suitable for cutting with a heat-shrinkable tube cutter. Generally, we can't provide heat-shrinkable tube cutting with a diameter of more than 60mm. The service, and the smaller the number of purchases, we also do not provide cutting services.

Because we also said above, the finished product of the heat-shrinkable tube is a roll and a roll. If the customer really needs to cut the delivery according to the corresponding length, then we also cut the heat-shrinkable tube during the production process, It may be that the packaged finished heat-shrinkable tube is dismantled and cut. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain amount of special heat-shrinkable tube. Otherwise, it is not cost-effective in terms of manpower, material resources and cost. .

So it is not difficult for everyone to understand why the salesperson will ask how many quantities are needed when cutting the heat-shrinkable tube, and the service of providing the heat-shrinkable tube cutting is of course the corresponding cost, usually a few cents. Tolls are charged, but the fees are different for each manufacturer. If you need to cut the heat-shrinkable tube, you still need to ask the price first.

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